I want to join the club ruDREAM

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I want to join the club ruDREAM

#521by admin » 20.04.2014 00:19

Forum ruDREAM our club is private, for access to all the hidden partition, you need to join the club and get the status of Clubman.

If you want to join the club, please register on the forum and post in this thread as soon as the administrator read your message, then send you a private message with the information how to join the club!

Clones and the image is set using multiboot us are not supported!
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Re: join the club ruDREAM

#522by greg » 09.09.2020 21:00

Raj3664 wrote:Love the look of X Live and already join the club but the problem is every half hour keeps getting msg u are using unregistered version of the image and my dreambox switch it off itself so i did registered my email in the information section but i dont think my email is registering in the box even i am registered on rudream club


U just registered in forum :hi:

Info about how to join club, get access to club members forum section and box activation was send to U via PM 2 times:)
No support via PM or email. Use forum, read & watch News, Video news & Manuals
Не спрашивайте в ЛС или email. Используйте форум, читайте и смотрите
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Re: I want to join the club ruDREAM

#523by ahmedmoselhi » 28.09.2020 06:56

Hi there.. i'm newbie and want to join the club
how can i join it???
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Re: I want to join the club ruDREAM

#524by pasena » 06.10.2020 22:14

Hi I want to join please can you send information.
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I want be ruDREAM-Clubman!

#525by maxim1811 » 20.10.2020 20:59

My name is Maxim, I'm from Germany and have been a big fan of Enigma 2 receivers for many years.
I especially like the VU+ receivers.
I have tested many images and I like the OpenATV image the most.
By chance I discovered the ruDREAM image and find it visually very well done.
I would be very happy to join your club and try ruDREAM!

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