After another attempt to reinstall the image could not install. VU + Solo2, I try to install the latest release, when installing the receiver I write “Read USB” there is something else then, “Check in USB”, and that after that I do not start the firmware does not happen. I pressed everything I could, pulled out the flash drive, turned it off and turned on the power, the result: the blue screen saver of the receiver, the firmware does not start. Before that, I reinstalled everything was normal. What to do? Does not this testify that the receiver has died?

Format the USB-Flash in FAT32 format again, when installing, wait until the image is fully installed, i.e. counting the numbers to 100-a while erasing the flash-receiver and re-counting while recording the image in flash => and of course it is also necessary to wait for “finish”
It is possible that you killed the Bootloader, in which case you need to reinstall it!
If the boot sector is damaged, then the topic on the site can be of help to you. “Restoring the corrupted bootarg”.

SOLUTION: Has sent in service. From there they were sent to the plant. Said the problem in the board, most likely will be replaced.