How to add channel logos (picons)?

The mechanism for creating and handle channel logos (picons) changed completely starting from the Live X image.

Now there is no need to create different types of picons.

We have created a huge database of logos (more then 18’500 logos), and a new built-in image unique tool – ‘Picons Update Center’.

This center allows us to choose the provider (s) or a bouquet (s) to create picons, and after scanning all found in the database logos will be created AUTOMATICALY for all defined in currently used skin picons types. At the end of the scanning process and creation of them all not found picons will be written in created on /hdd/picons_not_found.log file.

If you have activated in settings option for sending the found crashlogs automatically, then after next enigma2 restart (or after defined by system period) this file is received by us. Otherwise, attach it in forum and missing logos will be added to the database.


ATTENTION! To use the logos, be sure to use the extension of the built-in memory, as it can be configured to read in how to configure storage devices in Live X image.


In the new Live XS firmware, the configuration process is much simpler.

ATTENTION! It’s recommended to enable in settings save disk space option to store the channel logos! When this mode is enabled, the channel logos with the same name for different providers and satellites will be created only once, without duplication for each channel, this mode allows you to save space and does not require any additional updates when changes in transponder parameters! Activate this mode is possible in the menu:  [Settings] -> [TV] -> [Customise settings] -> [Save disk space to store picons] -> [On.].


In the case of switching mode, you will need to launch a full update of channel logos using the “Picons Update Center”