How to create custom external panels for ExtInfoBar plugin?

Since the External Extended InfoBar plugin was created with the maximum possible customization by the user, it has a built-in mechanism that allows you to add your own skin of the plugin without any changes to the plugin code. It is also very easy for the user to create and add his own extended panels to the plugin (on the left and / or right), and then select them for display by standard controls.

To change the main skin of the plugin, simply download the ready skin.xml from this link and update it as you would like, copying it into the folder with the plugin:


Sample file for creating your own skin.xml and panels can be downloaded  from this link .

For example, a panel was created that displays information about the temperature of the sensors and the speed of rotation of the fans for the boxes supporting these functions, as well as a panel for displaying information about the transponder:


To create your own additional panel, you can simply create a skin format file for the left and / or right extended panel with the file name using the skin_l_name_panel.xml or skin_r_name_panel.xml template, where the prefix ‘skin_l_‘ / ‘skin_r_‘ is required and means left / right panel accordingly, and the file name without extension means the name of the skin section:

<screen name=«skin_l_name_panel» >..............</screen>

Additional Information:

The contents of the left and right extended panels are switched by the color buttons of the remote control [red / green] for the left panel, [yellow / blue] for the right panel. For more detailed assignment of buttons, call the help button [Help].

The number of created own / custom external left and right panels is not limited!

To access the settings, use the [Settings] > [TV] > [Extended Infobar] menu:

Additionally, in the plugin settings, the ability to select / disable preloaded extended panels has been added. For example, if you want to display only your own advanced panels, you can turn off all built-in panels or just not necessary. For example, you can turn off the built-in weather panel, and leave the panel with system information. At the same time add your own / alternative panel with the weather or any other.

We plan to add all user panels and skins posted on our forum to the repository for installation to all members of our club using the extension manager and plugins. For the publication of their skin panels, as well as discussions and consultations, a special ruDREAM club forum section was created.