How to make log using COM-port (also known as RS-232 serial port)?

If we have problems with the receiver, sometimes a log, taken from the COM-port needed. This will require:

  1. Serial COM-port on your computer, if it is not, then there are adapters with USB to COM.
  2. Null modem cable that fits both COM port. Doing it yourself is not necessary. It costs a penny in any market where they sell computers (often a null modem cable may already be sold with an USB-to-COM adapter ).
  3. The terminal program that allows connection to the COM-port. Recommended PuTTY or any built-in OS.
  4. After connecting the cable, connection to the serial port must be established (port number will depend on the computer or adapter USB-COM) at a speed of 115200. After that, you will see a log on receiver boot. PuTTY allows you to save the log to a file.