I can not connect to the box on the AFP protocol, what could be the problem and how to connect?

To solve this task, it is necessary to take the following steps:

  1. Install using the extension and plugins manager, the AFP Server package from the Network section
  2. Connect to box via telnet or ssh client, with username admin and empty password
  3. In the console, execute the passwd command, then enter the password, then repeat its input for control (the password complexity must meet macOS security requirements)
  4. Connect to box via telnet or ssh client, with root username and empty password
  5. Execute the command in the console
    chmod -R o+rw /media/hdd


  6. After completing the command from step 5, reboot your box via menu
  7. Connect to the box in the Finder using the “Connect as …” button, specifying the username admin and the assigned password in step 3