In the Live XS firmware there are movies, music, photo sections – how to do it so that files from the hard disk are displayed there?

To display in the sections of movies, music and photos from the hard disk, you need to add files with media content to the media library using the media manager. This can be done like this:

  1.  Start Media Manager
  2. Select the required files using the yellow button
  3. Press the OK button and then choose to move movies / music / photos to the library
  4. After that, the selected films / music / photos will be added to the appropriate sections of the media library and displayed in the menu
  5. Next, by selecting the added movie with the cursor, you can use the context menu, select the edit information menu, edit the movie name, leaving only the title without any “garbage”
  6. It is convenient to do this using the virtual keyboard, which can be called by the Text button. 



  7. After saving the changes, in the movie list, with the cursor on the movie with the corrected title, you can double-click the Info button to search for information on the movie in the Internet database
  8. And at the end, click the green “Assign” button to update the information on the selected movie in your media library
  9. In the so-called showcase, information will also be updated and sorted by movie title.
  10. If you do not want to change the structure of folders and files on your hard disk or if you use a network resource like NAS, then in the settings of the library
  11. For the action when adding media files to the library, set the parameter “link”