What is SmartEPG® technology and what is the Smart EPG plugin for / how does it work?

To create SmartEPG® technology  we were pushed by the idea of the Search :: ratings * plugin created  by our club member Dobrodel, for which a special thanks to him!

As everyone knows, the transmitted in the stream EPG (Electronic Program Guide), according to the standard, should contain a classifier of programs by genres, but unfortunately this is done quite rarely! Discussing with Dobrodel the flaws and further development of the plugin Search :: ratings * the idea of a dynamic EPG update with adding rating films and genres straight to the enigma2 memory cache was born, which gives a huge advantage, namely, it removes the need to modify Skin, with which a number of errors are caused and the unstable operation of some versions of the plugin in Search :: ratings *. At the same time, this solution automatically adds a rating to all dialogs, where the electronic program guide is displayed as a number and a heart: 99 and as a bonus, the genre of programs starts to appear and the built-in Live XS filter of programs by genre works!

So we present a standalone EPG Smart plugin, which is engaged in that scans all channels, finds a rating and genres for all films in two Internet databases (TMDb and TVDb) and enters it in the EPG in the enigma2 memory cache.

But that is not all! The EPG Smart plugin has a semantic mechanism for determining the genre of programs and channels by their name, as well as updating the genre in the EPG cache. This brings to the new qualitative level of comfort is the use of the channel selector filter by genres and viewing the rating of programs in all the TV guide dialogs!

Dynamic update of the program guide takes place at the moment the channel is switched, and to update all channels, a launch system is provided according to the schedule, for which the schedule for launching the update is provided, you can open the plug-in settings dialog in [Main Menu]>[Settings]>[TV]>[SmartEPG update].

also note that the same channel may appear and disappear in the list of dynamic selection of a genre, since it is the channels that are currently transmitted with the selected genre!