Faster and more reliable – Live XS (beta)

This update has many improvements / fixes / accelerations of the enigma2 shell code under the hood and is recommended to all users.


  • The skin creation functionality has been expanded, for which a new type of applet has been added – onInit, this applet allows you to add code written in python to the skin that will be executed when the class is initialized before applying the other skin sections, while this applet must be placed at the beginning of the Screen section (we later place an example of using of this function).
  • The onExecBegin and onFirstExecBegin type applets in the skin now works correctly (before this fix the code of these types of applets has not been executed).
  • The TempFanControl plugin has been updated, the skin section has been fixed, an icon has been added for the 2D main menu, the performance has been improved, and compatibility with less efficient boxes has been improved.
  • Updated External Extended Infobar plugin, improved performance, removed unused code, improved compatibility with less efficient boxes.
  • Fixed some skin defects related to the display of alpha channels of icons, improved compatibility with different models of boxes.
  • The error of displaying icons for the ePixmapBox class due to the limitation of the number of icons loaded into it has been fixed, now the value has been increased from 64 to 128. This class is used to display icons in the information panel.
  • Corrected code in some skin applets to eliminate possible errors.
  • The configuration file for assembling the kernel of the VU+Uno4K box has been changed, due to the booting up problem the firmware after installing from scratch (the new kernel was not tested by us).
ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system; to do this, you must activate the option to upgrade to beta versions in the settings.  Image can be downloaded  here (mirror).