Firmware Update Live XS (beta)

After a short break, we returned and updated the firmware. In fact, we did not go anywhere, but solved a number of issues to improve the performance and stability of the firmware Live XS. And that’s what we achieved in speeding up the firmware, try it, it’s great!

The firmware for the Octagon SF4008 now supports newer drivers and the drivers is updated to the latest available version. In the same way, all VU+ 4k boxes drivers have been updated to the latest available versions.

Found and eliminated the problem of poor speed when switching channels for the entire range of VU+ 4k boxes, for help in testing, we express gratitude to our members of the club   grzegorz914 & vitalikp.

Improved support for CI+ for the entire range of VU+ 4k boxes with new drivers, for correct module operation install CI+ Helper from repository.

Updated OpenEmbedded, and with it a whole series of libraries, including dependent libraries without increasing the revision number, and therefore installation of firmware from scratch is necessary.

In passing, with the search for solutions to eliminate braking and the appearance of a spinner when switching channels, the stream information display code was further optimized, in particular, caching was added and the processor load was reduced when these parameters were displayed (Frequency / Polarization / Symbolrate / FEC / Modulation / Orbital Position) .

And that is not all! The code responsible for scrolling and animation of the channel selector is rethought, it also adds caching of some parameters, code is optimized and the CPU load from the critical threshold is significantly reduced, which dramatically increased the speed of the channel selector and gave a safety margin for less productive boxes (this is not the second life, but a happy pension).

Updated plugin for smart house management openHAB (thanks grzegorz914). Detailed information about the smart home management system openHAB can be found here. Added a style for displaying dimmer adjustments in the form of a slider.

Restored Chromium at VU+, Added a missing dependency for the live555 library, which is necessary for running the updated version of Chromium  + YouTube.

Updated the OpenWebif plugin in support of the correct operation of the Live XS program for Apple TV4.  The size of the plugin is reduced, the more unused scripts are removed.

The FFmpeg framework has been updated, support for x265 has been added, which allows transcoding the UHD TS stream to the HLS stream format, but its playback requires the player to support frame rates from 50 fps.

Updated Gstreamer framework to support native media playback.

ATTENTION! The firmware must be installed from scratch, since a large number of libraries have been updated without increasing the revision number. After installation, you can restore the settings from the previous version. Download the firmware for installation from scratch here.
At the moment, the updated firmware is available for the entire range of VU + 4k and Octagon SF4008 boxes, for other boxes will be available for several days.