Firmware Update OpenEmbedded 8.0 Live XS (beta)

We have updated the firmware for some boxes in terms of updating the driver version. Also fixed some bugs.

  • Updated drivers for all Vu+ 4k boxes to v 20190425, and for Vu+ solo2, solose (v2), zero to v. 20190429
  • Updated drivers for OCTAGON SF8008 4K to v01.06.2019

– fix timeshift skip
– improve the function that get PTS from decoder. the right PTS using for timeshift and PVR playback
– change frontpanel driver for led and 4x7led according to the new setup menu of display
– add new frontpanel controls need new e2 updates

Compilation of updates is running. At the moment,  firmwares are ready for  Vu+, OCTAGON SF8008 boxes, the rest of the firmware will appear as updates.

ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system; to do this, you must activate the option to upgrade to beta versions in the settings. You can download the firmware from the link (mirror)