How-To Live X – how to reinstall the firmware from scratch with saving and restore all user data.

  • Assuming your box is equipped with a built-in HDD ( in our case we use SSD), and is used to store skins, logos and additional data.

  • Before installing the firmware , you must first activate the restore of additional packages  (if you have not already done) , save the current user settings for this you must set up files, folders, and storage for backup to it ( we recommend using hdd). Below are listed the main folders and files you want to keep (this list can change, with most files and folders already added by default):

/etc/enigma2/ – enigma2 settings, including bouquets, channels and some other.
/etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/default_gw, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -network settings.
/etc/keys/ – config files for EMU
/media/hdd/.historyradio, /media/hdd/.historytv – adiitional enigma2 settings if external starage device used.
/media/hdd/.library_movie.db, /media/hdd/.library_music.db, /media/hdd/.library_photo.db – media library files.

  • After installation, when you first boot wizard with the basic settings will help you to setup image:

Master of the video mode and video connections to the TV .

The language settings.

TV settings wizard.

Storage devices wizard – the most important step to ensure the stability of the firmware, with planning and optimal use of the built-in memory and external storage devices.

Restore settings wizard – saved in the first stage .

Restore of additional packages ( updated) from  the repository , in accordance with a list of previously installed packages installed in previous image by user .

Restore settings wizard – saved in the first stage, a new restore is required after installation of additional packages , as they can be replaced saved configuration files .