Improved External Extended InfoBar – Live XS (beta) plugin

Introducing the updated and improved External External Extended InfoBar with new installable external panels.

You can install the External Extended InfoBar plugin from the Packages Manager [Display and User Interface] section, and there you will find additional panels for this plugin that can already show the following information:

  • Information on the current transponder;
  • List of recorded TV programs (new panel);
  • Information on temperature sensors and fans (if supported by your box).

These external panels for the left and right parts are packaged separately and you can install / assemble them as you wish.

Additional / external panels are now more convenient to manage, for which you no longer need to use the up / down cursor arrows to show / hide these panels. Instead, the panels are now changed and displayed using the colored [red / green] buttons – to show / change the left extended panel, and show / change the [yellow / blue] – to show / change the right extended panel.

In addition, the plugin settings have been changed, now all available panels are displayed in separate lines and you can activate them separately for the left and right panels at your discretion.

And of course, the plugin still supports customization and the addition of its own external panels, we wrote about this in more detail in our FAQ.