Improved media manager at Live X (release)

  • Added a new function of the media manager for Live X. Now on hard drive automatically creates a folder /media/hdd/MoveToLibraryAutoAdd/ and when you add into it any media files or folders, a media manager automatically starts, that allows faster and more convenient to play or add these files to the media library.

  • Added media manager auto-loading USB-Flash memory on the hot-plug. To enable/disable this function, use the settings in the [Settings]> [System Settings]> [Media Library]> [Media Library setup]> [Open Media Manager when installing USB-flash memory].
  • Now path to the folder with the files will be displayed in the media manager using a more convenient format, including the name of the storage device.


To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system. You may need to install the firmware from scratch, it is recommended before upgrading or installing from scratch save your settings and create complete backup of the firmware!