Live XS firmware update (release)

We are glad to provide you a new updated Live XS firmware , issued under the motto “Higher and faster!

In this firmware, all major issues found in the latest builds have been  corrected.

This assembly has received many significant improvements in comparison with the previous release:

  • Updated OpenEmbedded, which as a result has updated the versions of many libraries used in the firmware
  • Added seamless multicast support for channels that broadcast using encapsulation of packages in the format T2-MI, including ZeonBud package.
  • In Media Manager added a new function to import the list of services, add a file named lamedb or lamedb to the AutoAdd folder on the HDD. * (* – any name) and select add / OK.
  • Improved CI+ nterface support for all VU+ 4k boxes.
  • Updated drivers for the entire line of VU+ 4K boxes.
  • Added Live XS application support for Apple TV.
  • The new version of FFmpeg 3.4.2, compiled with optimized executable code for maximum performance and allowing for real-time transcoding of the stream to HLS format on all box models, including those without built-in transcoding support. Together with the improved OpenWebif, you can seamlessly view of current programs in browsers on Windows, macOS, iOS and other platforms.
  • And most importantly, as a result of solving the problems of deceleration of the channel selector interface and switching channels on the VU+4K boxes, we came up with an improved mechanism, which SIGNIFICANTLY ACCELERATES the channel selector selection speed, including all box models, including old models, which should prolong their comfortable use.
  • Other minor improvements to the interface and some features.
To all who did not install the previous firmware from scratch, it is recommended to install this firmware exclusively from scratch, then restore the previous settings and packages. In some cases, in order to support CI +, you will also need to install the CI + Helper plugin.