Live XS now supports the new box ET11000 4K (beta)

The request of the users of GI ET11000 4K  added бох support and created the Live XS firmware from ruDREAM club.

The firmware included all the latest changes from the Live XS release build, including the latest version of OpenWebif to support the same-named Live XSapplication for Apple TV.

In addition, we stopped supporting other models of xTrend boxes due to the lack of users of these boxes in our ruDREAM club, which is associated with a small number of users of these models, as well as with obsolete hardware. This solution contributed to the release of the capacity of our servers and the faster release of updates for supported box models.

Download new Live XS beta firmware for GI ET11000 4K here (mirror). All reports on the found shortcomings you can tell us on our forum or on the forums of our partners, and if you are not a member of our club in the comments to this announcement (registration is required).