Many updates of enigma2 under the OpenEmbedded 8.0 hood – Live XS (beta)

Made a huge number of enigma2 updates under the hood. Changes affected part of the channel scanning system. Added native support for blind scanning for DVB-T (only for tuners supported by this technology). Removed implemented blind scan support for DVB-S,
in this connection, the new Blindscan plugin has been adapted and added. This plugin can be installed using the Packages manager from the [Satellite equipment] section. The old Satscan blind scan plugin is no longer supported and requires removal. To use the Blindscan plugin, use the [Settings]> [TV]> [Services]> [Blind Scan] menu




Added setting of two-level country / region selection for DVB-C and DVB-T tuners. Choose your country and then your local transmitter. The output is logically sorted, and the file cables.xml does not matter.

Now enigma2 can read the country code from the corresponding attribute in terrestrial.xml and cables.xml, where possible. This will allow the local transmitter to select a country and region, and not scale the entire list.

Updated YouTube plugin. The algorithm for obtaining links to content has been fixed, the function of merging files on loading has been added (FFmpeg installation is required) and other changes have been made to improve the stability of the plug-in. To access the settings, open the plugin and click the menu button. The plugin supports authorization and synchronization with your account on the YuoTube site. Watch YouTube and enjoy!

Currently, firmware is ready for the  SF4008, Vu+Solo4k, Vu+Ultimo4k, Vu+Uno4k, Vu+Uno4kse &Vu+Duo4k boxes. The next firmware in the list for availability is for  Vu+Zero4k.

The firmware for the new Vu+Duo4k box is tested by our club members and is working, but while it is still in alpha status, you can download it for tests  from link (mirror)

Note! This firmware must be installed exclusively from scratch with the subsequent restoration of previous settings and packages. To download, use the new link (mirror)