Modifying the settings of the External Extended InfoBar – Live XS (beta) plugin

Introducing the modified External Extended InfoBar plugin with improved settings for external panels.

You can install the External Extended InfoBar plugin from the Packages Manager [Display and User Interface] section, and there you will find additional panels for this plugin.

Modified plugin settings reduces the number of adjustable positions, which increases comfort and simplifies the setting itself.

Now all available panels are displayed in the settings in separate lines, but at the same time, there is no division into left and right panels, instead a common parameter for each type of panel with the possibility to choose the location / display mode of the panel: left / off / right.

And of course, the plugin still supports customization and the addition of its own external panels, we wrote about this in more details in our FAQ section.


ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system; to do this, you must activate the option to upgrade to beta versions in the settings.  Image can be downloaded  here (mirror).