Multistream for T2-MI on Live XS (beta)

Improved / redesigned code for multistream channels reception / decoding. Added support for multi-stream channels, which are transmitted with packets encapsulation using T2-MI format. In the settings for scanning services added additional settings to support multi-streams.

A package “ZeonBud package at 4.8E” was added to the «Software Center» to support the ZeonBud package, broadcast in T2-MI format from the Astra 4A satellite (4.8E). The package is located in the satellite equipment section. After installing the package, in the appeared window of the media manager import the list of services and reboot the tuner.

To receive the ZeonBud package, you need a tuner with multi-stream support.

In «Media Manager», a new import of the list of services was added, add a file named lamedb.or lamedb.* (* – any name)  to the AutoAdd folder on the HDD.and select add / OK.

Changes in the firmware have touched the FFmpeg package, now a new version of 3.4.2 is available, compiled with optimized executable code for maximum performance.

Updated drivers for the entire range of VU+ 4k boxes, including kernel updates to optimize memory allocation. Added support for external TBS tuners for some new VU+ boxes.

Fixed some bugs in the OpenWebif plugin, increased stability. Added support for the correct server response for content like m3u8 and ts, used in Apple TV.

Added support for the channel list storage file lamedb version 5+.