New firmware Live XS based on OE6.0 (release)

Half a year has passed, a lot of work has been done and here’s an excellent result!

We present you the new firmware Live XS based on OE 6.0 (release), in this release many changes are made under the “hood” and here are some of them:

Updating OpenEmbedded itself carries a huge number of updates to the versions of built-in packages and libraries, in which a lot of improvements are made, stability, performance and functionality are enhanced.

Directly in the code of the shell and plugins a lot of improvements have been made. In the part of network interfaces, the NetworkBrowser plugin  and everything connected with it has been improved. Improved built-in plugins responsible for playing music, videos and photos, in particular, new modes for displaying lists of music and photos in the form of disk covers and in the form of thumbnails of photos:


Сделано на Mac

The system of loading of covers of films and music is improved, all became much more stable. The system of loading and displaying the fanarts in the mode of viewing the list of films and in the cover updating center has been improved.

Improved SmartNetworkTuner® technology – an intelligent system for searching and using a free tuner on the network. This technology allows you to automatically find a free tuner in the network and use it to play / record the selected TV program, in the case of a busy built-in tuner. The uniqueness of the system is in the absence of settings, everything is extremely simple, install on all the boxes Live XS and just use. After this update, if the free tuner is turned off, the client automatically starts searching for a new free tuner and continues playing the selected channel. In this case, the icon on its use is displayed on the server box on the information panel, and when switching channels, in the case of a busy tuner, a dialog for selecting and disabling the client is offered.

Индикатор испольная потокового сервера

Added support for a large number of new models of VU+ & Octagon boxes.

For many boxes added built-in / native support for Common Interface Plus technology.

As part of the movement towards the development of cloud technologies, the Google Music plugin is added, which allows to use the Google Play Music. This service allows you to organize a music library in the cloud. The most attractive service it’s become as paid subscribtion for content. With the subscription to Google Play Music, you get unlimited access to millions of tracks without ads, and you can add music from your own collection.

Now you do not need to bother with downloading and adding music to the media library, filling in tags and adding covers, everything is already done for you. To organize a cloud media library, use the browser on your computer and in a few clicks create your library, create playlists and enjoy music on all devices that support Google Play Music, including smartphones!

Improved the  OpenWebif plugin (web-interface), added support for new plugin settings, which will in the near future expand their number and create comfort for customization. Now the settings themselves are multi-level with subsections and pop-up hints on the parameters, including masks for data entry.

For box models that do not support the built-in / native transcoding, support for the system of transcoding the stream from the satellite and recorded TV programs to the HLS format with the FFmpeg utility is added, which allows seamless viewing of these streams in Safari / EDGE browsers on MacOS / Windows desktops and mobile iPad etc.

Finally, added built-in support for our future LiveXS frontend application for Apple TV, which will soon be available in the App Store and / or for testing in TestFight.

That’s just a small part of what was done / improved / accelerated / fixed / added to this release firmware.

Thank you for being with us!

As usual, when upgrading from a previous release, we recommend that you save all settings for later restore and install the firmware from scratch. You can find the firmware for installation from scratch here (& mirror)