New Live XS firmware based on OE7.0 (release)

Not so big, but the Magic of ruDREAM Live XS continues and pleases users with a great result!

We present you a new Live XS firmware based on OE 7.0 (release), In this issue, there have been many changes under the “hood” and here are some of them:

Updating OpenEmbedded in itself carries a huge number of updates of versions of the built-in packages and libraries, in which a lot of improvements have been made, stability, performance and functionality have been enhanced.

  • Improved firmware booting speed
  • Improved GUI display acceleration code.
  • Added function to display SmartNetworkTuner® streaming server clients ,  appears by long pressing the red button of the remote control or using the context menu in the TV viewing mode.
  • Improved support for client Live XS based on Apple TV.
  • Improved support for HbbTV for some box models.
  • Fixed the error blocking storage device settings for the library using WebDAV cloud storages.
  • Added in Live XS repository two versions of skins from our club member Orlovvn (thanks for sharing them with us).
  • Updated drivers for many boxes.
  • Improved CI+ support code to solve image freezing problems for some high bitrate streams.
  • Additionally updated interface localization for some languages.
  • The OpenWebIf plugin has been updated with new features that allow you to add new movies, music and photos to the media library if you use not physically downloaded files, but URL’s for links to resources containing content. Also, now with the help of the OpenWebIf plugin you can simply update the information about movies using the Internet database (using the TMTVDb plugin framework).
  • Fixed work with a combination of ROTOR and JESS (Unicable).
  • Fixed bug when setting the rotor rotation of the plate.
  • Positioner dish movement indicator is displayed only if the orbital position of the tuner settings is changed.ов.
  • Added support for new ET11000 4K box.
As usual, when upgrading from a previous release, we recommend that you save all settings for later restore and install the firmware from scratch. You can find the firmware for installation from scratch  here & (mirror)

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