OpenEmbedded 8.0 Live XS (beta) Fixes

Made a fix that allows you to run the Chromium browser and YouTube on all Vu+4k  boxes  andcontinued compilation of firmware for the remaining boxes.

For normal operation of the above applications, you must either reinstall the firmware from scratch or execute the following commands in the console:

opkg update
opkg install opkg install --force-reinstall libcrypto-compat

Fixed crash when scanning pre-installed default transporters in manual mode.

At the moment, firmware is ready for SF4008, Vu+Solo4k, Vu+Ultimo4k, Vu+Uno4k, Vu+Uno4kse, Vu+Zero4kVu+Duo4k, Vu+Solo2,  Vu+Duo2, Vu+Zero & Vu+SoloSE boxes. Next firmware in the queue list for is – Vu+Duo.

The firmware for the new Vu+Duo4k box is tested by our club members and is working, but while it is still in alpha status, you can download it for tests  from link (mirror)

Note! This firmware must be installed exclusively from scratch with the subsequent restoration of previous settings and packages. To download, use the new link (mirror)