Pre-release update for Live XS OE6.0

Added display of native remote controls in the setup wizard for VU+Uno4kSE & VU+Zero4к.

Fixed a bug causing an accident when tuning the tuner on the new VU+Zero4к box.

Fixed a bug causing an error when the video scrolling panel (SeekBar) was displayed on boxes with a built-in graphic display.

Fixed bug when searching information in the Internet database of movies and TV series.

Updated additional skins (shells) in the repository, to support the latest changes to create channel logos, now the logos are created only those that are used in a particular box model.

Updated the OpenWebIF plugin to support the web interface, added the display of native remote controls VU+Zero4k and VU+Uno4kSE. Improved stability and improved other plugin code.

Updated interface localization in Polish and Lithuanian languages (thanks to our club members  grzegorz914  &  Vytenis P.).

Other changes that increase stability and productivity.

ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system, you need to activate the upgrade to beta version in the settings.  Also for this update, it is recommended to install the firmware from scratch and restore the previously saved settings. Image can be downloaded here.