Restarting firmware compilation OpenEmbedded 8.0 Live XS (beta)

We restarted the compilation of the firmware based on a newer version of OpenEmbedded. This update contains bug fixes in links to the repository, which have everything you need to check if you have firmware or check for the presence of the opkg file package (*.conf) in the /etc/opkg folder. Address lines should be specified …/rudream-8/…, but not …/rudream-7/…

The satellites.xml file containing all parameters of satellites and transponders has also been updated.

At the moment, firmware is ready for the boxes SF4008, Vu+ Solo4k, Vu+ Ultimo4k, Vu+ Uno4k and Vu+ Duo4k. Next on the Vu+ Uno4k availability list.

The firmware for the new boxing Vu+ Duo4k is checked by our club members and is working, but while it is still in alpha status, you can download it for testing via the link (mirror)

Note! This firmware must be installed exclusively from scratch with the subsequent restoration of previous settings and packages. To download, use the new link (mirror)