SmartNetworkTuner® has become even better Live XS (RC)

Improved SmartNetworkTuner® technology – an intelligent system for searching and using a free tuner on the network. This technology allows you to automatically find a free tuner in the network and use it to play / record the selected TV program, in the case of a busy built-in tuner. The uniqueness of the system is in the absence of settings, everything is extremely simple, install on all the boxes Live XS and just use.

After this update, the speed of searching / testing a free tuner in the network is significantly increased, and this gives an excellent sensation from the use of SmartNetworkTuner® technology.

For the correct operation of the updated SmartNetworkTuner® service, it is recommended to install the latest update on all used boxes in the network.

  • Added ability to play TS stream over HTTPS protocol.
  • Added support for additional playback formats using the GStreamer framework.
  • Other changes that increase the stability and performance
ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system, you need to activate the upgrade to beta version in the settings.  Image can be downloaded here.