Updated plugins for Live XS (beta)

The YouTube plugin version has been updated, the changes have affected the authorization algorithm on the service , as well as improvements in the algorithm for obtaining links to  watched movies after changes in service REST API. Thanks to Taapat.

Updated version of the Seasondream plugin to version 3.0.200130b, with which you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on enigma2 consoles. At the moment, the catalog contains about 30 thousand films of various genres, the list of which is periodically updated. Seasondream supports a number of popular Internet resources, such as kinogo and seasonvar, YouTube and YouTube. Additional information can be found on the author’s website .

According to the author, the main differences between the new version of Seasondream from the previous one are as follows:

  •  Additional stream handler
  • My Subscriptions for YouTube
  • XMLTV support. Configuration in the playlist settings or through the directive # EXTM3U. For example # EXTM3U url-tvg = “http: //server/xmltv.zip”
  • OAuth 2.0 for YouTube (Play playlists from a YouTube account)
  • Search for resources through cinema search for yohoho
  • Resource buffering multithreading (included in settings)
  • Added the ability to authorize for some sites (available in the settings).
  • The web interface is connected http://web.seasondream.org
  • New screen saver
  • Videophone support for radio content
  • New option “permanent radio infobar”
  • Finalization of the EPG module
  • ICY protocol support (used for radio)
  • Bugfixes
ATTENTION! To install the update, you can use the built-in software update system; to do this, you must activate the option to upgrade to beta versions in the settings. You can download the firmware from the link (mirror)