Updating the Live XS firmware (RC2)

We represent, to the attention of beta testers, the update of the Live XS firmware in the release status of the candidate, issued under the motto “Higher and faster!

  • Fixed issues with support for Vu+ Zero4k.
  • Added setting of the language selection for the Chromium (YouTubeTV) plug-in available on the Vu+ 4k boxes.

The OpenWebif plugin has been updated to support the new function of the Live XS application for Apple TV. This update received an interesting feature for the channel list in grid mode. Provided that the length of the channel list is greater than 50 entries, a search dialog automatically appears on the channel name, which allows you to quickly find the required channels in long lists. Search occurs by coincidence of the beginning of the channel name. This function requires the latest versions of the Live XS application for public beta testing version 1.2b2 and the latest version of the OpenWebif plug-in.

To all who did not install the previous firmware from scratch, it is recommended to install this firmware exclusively from scratch, then restore the previous settings and packages. In some cases, in order to support CI+, you will also need to install the CI+ Helper plug-in.